Almondine is a three part book series following the life and adventures of a teeny-weeny girl born from an almond tree. She is discovered by 8-year-old Alma, who takes care of her as a baby and young girl, and with whom she shares many unexpected experiences. Almondine is a very special little girl indeed, with a crazy story to tell and an explosive surprise in store for her dear foster mother and friend Alma.

Illustrated on nearly every page, the story’s overarching themes of friendship, family relationships and adventure aim to engage mostly with primary school readers.


“An absolute delight! I was entranced by Almondine and so was my six year old granddaughter.” 

(Julia Blackburn, author)

“Absolutely charming and engaging.”

(Geoff Dunbar, animation director and Palme d’Or Winner)

This entrancing Almondine series is a page turner. Full of imaginative twists, turns, excitement and surprises these stories will keep children wanting more.

(Alys Kihl, artistic director, Wonderful Beast Theatre Company)

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