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The girl from the almond tree

Almondine Title Book 1
Almondine  |  The girl from teh almond tree  |  Book 1

194 pages

160 illustrations

28 chapters

Reading level 7+

Imprint: GZ Books

Almondine tells the story of a teeny-weeny girl and her foster mother and friend Alma.
A fantastical and humorous tale of friendship, love and coming of age.



Almondine (print b/w)


Almondine (ebook colour)

From the Back Cover

Alma’s life changed when she discovered an adorable tiny creature inside an almond. 

She named her Almondine and it became her secret.

But as the curious and funny little girl grew, something strange and magical began to happen.



Alma’s life turned upside down the day she discovered a teeny-weeny baby girl inside an almond.

Alma is an eight-year-old girl living in on the outskirts of London, and she has the most amazing secret in the world: but what will she do with this lively and cheeky little sprite? 

She starts by trying her best to look after her and protect her from all possible dangers. 

As the months go by, hidden from everyone else, Almondine quickly grows into a curious and odd little creature who occasionally causes all kinds of innocent mischief. 

Until, one day, a flower sprouts from her head. It becomes just another opportunity for the two playmates to improvise some fun but as the tiny girl grows older, so her overall appearance changes.

Alma is over-protective and keen to keep her minuscule friend always in her room but Almondine develops a strong urge for discovery and, very soon, she wants to venture out of Alma’s room and explore the outside world.

When summer arrives, Almondine finally persuades Alma to let her stay in her garden playhouse, where she can make her new home next to nature. Not long after this, Almondine vanishes.

Alma is very upset by the disappearance but just when her hopes of reuniting with Almondine have faded, the little sprite reappears. Totally transformed. 

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