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After her heroic ordeal with Almondine's children, Alma returns to her everyday life.

However, a seemingly innocent deception degenerates into a series of lies that eventually ruin her friendship with Denzel.

It's a story exploring the value of sincerity and respect for nature and each other.

272 pages

280 illustrations

35 chapters

Reading level 7+

Imprint: GZ Books



Almondine with an O (print b/w)


Almondine with an O (ebook colour)


From the Back Cover

After heroically rescuing the Almondine children, Alma and her best friend Denzel are preparing to leave for the family holiday to Spain. But little does Alma know that Denzel has a big secret: he kept an almond child!

A seemingly innocent deception turns into a huge responsibility for Denzel, one which has the power to shatter his and Alma’s friendship. Can he regain her trust and keep the almond child safe?




Alma and her friend Denzel have successfully rescued the Almondine children! Now it’s time for a family trip to Spain to celebrate Alma’s tenth birthday. Denzel is invited to go with them, but little does Alma know that her best friend has just stolen one of Alma’s twenty-two almond children.

Set in Alma’s grandparents’ Spanish home, where Alma first found her Almondine, it seems history is repeating itself when a new little sprite appears. But Denzel’s deceit is short-lived and threatens to leave their friendship in tatters.

Follow Denzel as he attempts to bond with his very own mini superhero and keep the almond child secret. Accompanied by enchanting illustrations, Almondine with an O introduces another extraordinary almond child. It’s a tale that explores the importance of sincerity and respect for nature and each other.

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